Krakow -- Cracow

Cracow is an old capital of Poland. Grand history can be found there in almost every niche with the culminating point in the Castle of the Kings -- Wawel. Unlike the other Polish cities, Cracow has not been destroyed during WWII. What was not destroyed by the wars, is being destroyed concurrently by the pollution, lack of restoring funds and other acts of humans. It is a shame, because there is so much to see. Take a look by yourself, 'cause tommorow could be to late...

The story tells that there was a watchguard at the Mariacki Church, while Turks tried to attack the city at night, while everybody was asleep. He played the trumpet, to warn everybody, and saved the city. Unfortunately, the Turkish arrow killed him. To honor his heroic act every hour a trumpeteer plays from the tower of Mariacki Church the same melody called "Hejnal Mariacki". The trumpeteer plays it four times into four different directions, like the guard in the past. Many tourists come to Market Square to listen to him. Everday at noon all Polish Radio stations stop their program to play "Hejnal". It is always at exact hour, so Poles adjust their watches, while listening to it.

The Wawel' "Zygmunt" Bell (since 1520) Wawel - Old Capital's King Castle
Baroque St. Peter and Paul Church St. Francis Basilica
Bell Tower of the Catedral Sukiennice (Cloth Halls)

This page has been created by using the material obtained from Academic Computer Center Cyfronet Krakow. Those beautiful pictures were taken by Mr. W. Gorgolewski, Mr. St. Makarewicz and Mr. Boguslaw Ploskonka.

We would like to thank Cyfronet for all their support in our project. To learn more about Cracow, please follow this link. They did a splendid job, popularizing their city.

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