Roman's Father

My father is a self-made mathematician, educated as a material engineer. He is a former director of the Institute of Mathematics at the Warsaw Politechnical University. He has received his professorship in the late 1970s. He is a big Polish patriot and is disappointed that I left my fatherland for a greener pasture. He was always a bookworm and sports lover (from his own couch).

Over the last ten years he developed a great passion for computers. He loves programming, that he thought himself at age over 50 -- quite an accomplishment. He likes telling jokes. A sample of those I still remember are written below.

My father's jokes

"Who is your father?"
"My father is dead"
"But, who he was?"
"...a T.B. carrier"
"But, what did he do?"
"He coughed!"
"But, you cannot make living out of it!"
"So, I told you he's dead"

Acceptance to youth communist party in Russia: "Do you drink?"
"Do you smoke?"
"Do you run after girls?"
"Would you give your life for Mother Russia?"
"Sure. Why the hell do I need such life!"

A son asks his Jewish father:
"Pape was there an antisemitism in Poland before WW2?"
"Yes sonny, but it was not mandatory!"

"Moshe, you gonna marry her? She sleeps with entire city!"
"Such a big city -- ten thousand population!!"

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