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oWEB pages in Poland:

oAgencja Prasowa POCKET PRESS
-- Suppliers of images for editors
oCANAL+ Polska
Polish pay television station.
Electronic newspaper
oDzis i Jutro
Nice place to search for Polish connections
oExplore Poland
oGazeta Wyborcza
Poland's largest daily newspaper (all articles are in Polish)
oGreat Band of Christmas Aid's Foundation
Devoted to saving lives of children
oHot Links On Polish Issues -- HLOPI
oIndex of Polish electronic journals
from Warsaw University
oInternet Securities, Inc.
Online information service covering business and financial markets
Find a friend
Information servis about medicine
Select the best Polish athlete
oPolish Cinema Database
Includes information on the motion pictures made in Poland after the World War II (that is after 1947) to the present
oPolish Home Page
Map of Polish WWW Servers
oPolish Network Resources
from Warsaw University
oRadio Olsztyn
Mostly in Polish with some English. Radio Olsztyn would, as they claim, put fingers for you in any door. Why not taking advantage of it ;)
oRepublic of Poland - Government
Government Information Centre
oStrona ks. W. Mroza
in Polish
oSunSITE in Poland
Worldwide information exchange from Warsaw University
oUniversity of Warsaw
from CIESIN in Poland
oVirtualna Galeria Mleczki
Pozegnanie z komuna
oYellky's License Plates Page
Plates from United States, Canada and of course from Poland

oWEB pages in the world:

oAgnieszka Holland
The Official Home Page
oThe Alternative Polish Dictionary
Not for the faint at heart
oAssociation of Polish-American Professionals
For preserving our Polish heritage
Anything you want to know about cars
oBielicki's Gallery
oBiuletyn Polonijny - Montreal
Nice compilation (in Polish) utilizing frames
oCentral Europe Online Poland Home Page
oDaily Travel Factoid
from Rec.Travel Library
oDarius "Stilon" Rybak - Home Page
Darius left Poland as a young boy. Pages in English, but he promised a Polish version in the near future.
from Toronto, Canada
oEugene J. Markow Homepage
He set his heart for Tarnow
oFederation of Poles in Great Britain
oFor Your Freedom and Ours
-- Polands Contribution in World War II. Great compilation well worth visiting :)
oGrzegorz Fuczek's Home Page
Greg set his heart for Krakow and Doom
oI Live on a Raft, by Jerzy Harasymowicz
Illustrated Poetry On-Line; a collection of short, haiku-like verse for children
oIndex - Polish Connections
Polska, Poland, Polen, Polonia, Pologne, Bolanda. Look at Poland from outside
oInternet Society of Japan & Poland
Read in Japanese :-)
oJanusz Rewinski
Polish Newspaper in Norway
oLOT Polish Airlines
LOT goes public
oMarch of the Living
A two week voyage that takes place yearly during Holocaust Remembrance Day. It takes teens to Poland & Israel
oMichael V. Tkaczyk's Gallery
-- a very talented artist. Well worth a visit.
oOlszewski Miniatures
Beatifull in size of a penny
oOn-Line Guide to Poland and LNT Poland Travel service
nice compilation, worth seeing :)
oPanna Maria, Texas
the oldest permanent Polish settlement in the United States. This town even has it's own ghosts.
oPanna Maria, Texas: The First Polish Settlement in America
another tribute to Polish-American roots.
oPL-US Radio
RealAudio broadcasting
oPoland and Poles on the Internet
by WebExperts
oPoland Net
Polish Home Page in the USA
oPOLAND NOW ! - Tourism
oPOLart Presents
Polish Christmas Carols On Video
oPOLHOME from Boston
oPolish American Network
Resource from Southern California with ambitious commercial program
oPolish Art Gallery
Exhibits of Polish artists
oPolish-Californian Pages
Access to information about Poland and Poles
oPolish Canadian NET
-- nice Chopin music welcomes you there :)
oPolish Combatants Association in Canada
Branch # 2 -- in Polish and English
oPolish Culture
Poetry, Art, Folklore
oPolish Info Centre
Business directory for anyone interested in investing in Poland or contacting Polish owned companies and organizations worldwide
oPolish Words Master
-- A MasterMind type of game with a twist (Polish Dictionary)
oPolish Yellow Pages
Electronic business directory of Polish companies world wide
oPolonia Bookstore, Inc.
Books in Polish, Books about Poland in English
Polish Web Business Directory
Polish - American Home Page
oPoniecki Foundation, Berkeley
The largest virtual Polonica archives in the United States
Two-weekly journal
oU.S. Poland Chamber of Commerce of Boston
Not-for-profit organization focusing on developing business relationships between companies of Massachusetts and Poland
oWieslawa Szymborska Page
-- 1996 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature
oThe Wolf Lewkowicz Collection
Yiddish letters (with English translations) written by a Polish Jew to his American nephew from 1922 to 1939
oZycie Warszawy
Newspaper on-line

oMiscellaneous Polish-Internet resources:

oForeign languages for travellers
Learn Polish
oMIR Travel
Providing travel services for individuals and groups, business travelers to Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Baltics, Poland, ...
oNow Hiring! Jobs in Eastern Europe
Current and detailed tips on how to get a job teaching English in Poland, Hungary, ...

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WEB pages in PolandWEB pages in the world
Miscellaneous Polish-Internet resources
Poland on the WEB

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