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I am Cool
Roman's WEB Place
is officially Co^oL
Thanks Cool Board :)
Roman's WEB Place
is a tree star recipient awarded by: Load-a-Links
Thanks Neil :)
Polish Homepages
on August 21, 1995
is selected as ODINs Sighting of Today
Thanks Frode :)
Roman's WEB Place
is featured in Cool LiNks!
Thanks Brandon :)
Roman's WEB Place
found home in Tharsissia! (in Leonardo Community)
Thanks to all Tharsissians responsible :)
Tourist's Radio
Roman's WEB Place
made the Tourist Radio's Good Read! list
Thanks James :)
Puppy's Pick
Beatles Galore
on December 9, 1995
was selected as Puppy's Pick
Thanks Karen :)
Ground Zero Pick of the Day
Roman's WEB Place
on December 21, 1995
was highlighted as Ground Zero Cool Pick
Thanks Chris :)
Polish Links
has been accepted for inclusion in the Clearinghouse
Thanks Carol :)
Roman's WEB Place
has been issued **** "4 BYTES" by Linkula
Thanks Raymond :)
Roman's WEB Place
on January 16, 1996
has been chosen as Beyond Now's Top Web Site
Thanks Terry & Elizabeth :)
Roman's WEB Place
on February 16, 1996
has been chosen as PowWow's Top 10 Homepages
Thanks all of you who voted on my site :)
Roman's WEB Place
on March 4, 1996
has been chosen to fun links
Thanks Tim :)
Roman's WEB Place
on April 21, 1996
has been chosen to Light Wave Sytems Cool Site Award
Thanks Mark :)
Roman's WEB Place
on May 18, 1996
has been chosen to Art ala Carte Approved! Award
Thanks Carter :)
Polish Homepages
in June, 1996
have been chosen as Kaleidoscope Cool Site of June '96 by America.Net's Kaleidoscope
Thanks Gals/Guys :)
on June 10, 1996
has been chosen to BAPP Nethumor Archives
Thanks Mike :)
Polish Homepages
on June 15, 1996
have been selected as Polish World Catalogue Best Site of the Week
Thanks Martin :)
Roman's WEB Place
on July 2, 1996
received a JAUP award
Thanks Russell :)
Arthur Patrick's page
on July 6, 1996
received a Kaptivations WEB Design Kid's CHOICE Award
Thanks Mike:)
Roman's WEB Place &
Polish Homepages

on July 6, 1996
received a Kaptivations Personal Page EXCELLLENT Award
Thanks Mike:)
Roman's WEB Place
on July 14, 1996
received a Cindy's Personal Home Page Award
Thanks Cindy :)
Roman's WEB Place
on July 11, 1996
received a Wynterhawk's Award
Thanks Leighanne :)
Roman's WEB Place
on July 12, 1996
received a Web Page of the Day
Thanks Paul :)
Roman's WEB Place
during Week of September 9, 1996
received a Dee Dee's Cool Site Of The Week
Thanks Dee Dee :)
Roman's WEB Place
on September 16, 1996
received an UpFront eNteRtAinMenT sTuFf' Bitchin' Web Site recognition.
They said about RWP: "It has pizzazz of all the other Cool Places plus the fresh look."
Thanks UpFront :)
Beatles a la Carte'
November, 1996
was featured in "The Beatles Internet Guide" - a book (in Japanese) about Fab Four' WEB resources.
Thanks Yoshihiro :)
Roman's WEB Place
on December 17, 1996
received a Golden Grail award.
Thanks Lars Erik :)
Roman's WEB Place
on December 26, 1996
received a Mighty Grapholina award.
Her Highness said: "Roman's Web Place is for everyone. Tastefully done, informative, entertaining. . .the best in culinary art, Beatles and Chopin (what a mix! or is it?), and beautiful sights of Poland. And let's not forget Joke of the Week, and all the rest of the goodies!"

She even created this placque:

Thanks Allison :)
Computer Shopper article Beatles a la Carte' and Chopin a la Carte'
May 1997
were featured in Computer Shopper' article on Site Building (Using JavaScript and VBScript) by John Krick (page 622)
Thanks Computer Shopper :)
May Winner by Europapress Polish Homepages
May 1997
won the Best Site by Europa Press
Thanks Europapress :)
Gold Site Rating Polish Homepages
Discovered (by accident) May 1997
Received Gold Site Rating by NetGuide Live
Here what they wrote: Apart from its obvious visual pleasures, Sights of Poland succeeds in imparting a total cultural experience. Particularly inviting are the photos of Polish national parks, which include lush green highlands and snow-capped mountains. The addition of audio selections by composer Chopin and the vivid cultural recollections of PolScapes contribute to this memorable experience.
Thanks NetGuide :)
awpa award Roman's WEB Place
September 2, 1997
received Andrue's Wicked Page Award
Thanks Andrue :)
Robin's WEB award Roman's WEB Place
January 16, 1998
received Amazing Content Award from Robin's WEB
Thanks Robin :)

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