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Born in Bydgoszcz, Poland on June 15, 1956 (which makes me a gemini)

Mother: Agnes Muszynska, Father: Jerzy Muszynski

Polish Eagle -Click to blow the ain't dirty

Notice the crown on the Polish Eagle -- the Russians tried to strip it unsuccessfully for generations. BTW the last monarch of Poland died in 18th century. :-)

Married to wonderful maltese (For those of you who ask: Where the hell is Malta? I will point to Sicily, few hours boat ride /BYO orrs/ down Medditerranian south and you're there. If you want to start your journey from Libya :( you're on your own) wife, Miriam -- She is a fish, how appriopriate for the islander. Have one son Arthur Patrick (35 months old, i.e., deep in terrible twos, that he started early!)

While being already in the middle (according to Miriam) of the midlife crisis, and only months from the top of the hill my musical tastes lead me to the times when I was young and handsome (now the handsome is left). My favorite group is, therefore, the four haired guys from the Liverpool named John, Paul, George and Ringo. This is my tribute to The Beatles. Please take time to check it out.

Received Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Warsaw, Poland

Received Master of Science in Mathematics from University of Cincinnati, Ohio

Received Master of Science and PhD Candidacy in Applied Mathematics from University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Live in League City, Texas the suburb of Houston, the home of the Twoston Rockets!!!
1995 NBA Champions (Shaq's sweepers).


-Computer Games
-Performing Arts

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