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New We are greatful to those who recognized our efforts :) -- Please share our good fortune in Polish Homepages Awards and Recognitions page. BTW, feel free to award us with your prestigious awards -- there is still plenty of room to display them ;)
Almost all respectable noble homes should have their ghosts. Our Virtual Castle was in a great need of one or two. To the rescue came Ms. Malgorzata Mazurek (our associate from Poland) finding for your viewing pleasure two great Ghosts in the Great Poland. We are very greatful for her discoveries :) The spirits obsessed us, so we put quickly an English version of their stories. Be warned: It's scary up there!
New Although hard circumstances and destructive existence put (and is continuously putting) a big dent on ecology in Poland -- not everything is lost. There are 22 national parks covering about 1 percent of the country area. Their primary goal is to study and preserve the unity of natural systems of the area, as well as to restore the disturbed or extinct elements of native nature. Those parks probably remember all important events in Polish history, including baptism of Poland in 966. They do not differ since then, either. Please learn more about Polish National Parks, realize that you could make a difference and do something to prevent of more ecological distruction to our environment.

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Polish Homepages started as a collaborative effort of two people of Polish origin - Roman Muszynski in Houston, US and Margaret Netherwood in Melbourne, Australia. Since then two more people Mariusz Markiewicz and Zbigniew Zwolinski both in Poznan, Poland joined our effort. Please see how you could take part in our collaborative effort in This Space Available. You are very welcome to join us. To learn more about our contribution toward representing Poland on the Net or to post some questions about our endeavor, please read Polish Homepages FAQ.
We would like you to explore the information we collected about Poland, which incorporates a link to Jan Maternicki's Interactive map of Poland containing the pointers to Polish WEB sites. If you still want more numerical information about Poland or you can't sleep at night being disturbed by questions like: How strong is Poland in the World with respect to manufacturing of tracks? or How many Poles live in the South Africa? then your dreams /sorry, forgot you can't sleep ;)/ come true in our compilation conveniently named Polish Statistics. If you can sleep OK, without this type of info, it's still a good place to visit ;). You may learn something new, as we did. Should't Poland be at the forefront of the World!? You'll decide... .

For more exploration of Poland on the Net please follow either Polish Cyber-Links: Polish Sites on the WEB and/or Poland on the WEB compiled exclusively for you by Polish Homepages team.

We gladly re-print a very well written guide to Polish Resources on the Net by Martin Miszczak - the editor of POLe Magazine.


Also, you can admire Polish sights:

and sounds like this one. Nice, wasn't it? It was Valse Brillante by one of the greatest composers of all times - Frederic Chopin. If you, like us, are impressed by the beauty of music by Polish greatest composer, you can listen to his best compositions at our Virtual Cafeteria serving Chopin a la Carte'. You need a sound card and a frame/javascript compatible browser.

For viewing adventure try our random picture link!
View pictures, click on the one you like, and see more!

Other Attractions

We like to share interesting stories about life in Poland, Polish impressions, proud heritage and so forth in PolScapes. This set of pages is created by you for you, so please share your stories with us. We would love to post them for our guests enjoyment.

Several hundreds years ago, Polish poet Mikolaj Rej of Naglowice, wrote:

Poles aren't geese
and they have their own language.

We expanded this thought to show Polish presence in the World progress, in a compilation Science in Poland. Polish Homepages Team welcomes and congratulates a new Nobel Prize 1996 Winner in Literature category - Wislawa Szymborska given "for poetry that with ironic precision allows the historical and biological context to come to light in fragments of human reality".

If you are more consumption oriented, see collected by us Polish Recipes in

We only publish the best. If you don't see your favorite Polish recipes, donate them and they will be shared with the others.

Click here if you believe in Santa Claus or interested how Poles celebrate Christmas. They (and we too) celebrate this event in the same way over the World. For instance, check out Polish Christmas in Polar Regions. Also, look at the lovely Christmas Cards we have received from all over the World.

The old, popular Polish song stated: "...Warsaw is lovable, Warsaw is lovable. There one could find happiness, there one could loose own heart!...". We agree with this statement and give you the opportunity to visit even more of those lovable places called Warsaw than you could think they exist in Warsaw in the U.S.A..

For your convenience we suggest to use one of our
in Australia, in Poland and in the United States.

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